Your investment is something that should not be easily compromised with. You have agreed to invest your money into a property in which you wish to see a return. When receiving applications for your property it is best to evaluate and screen any potential tenant. It is not enough validation to go off of first impression. One tenant may have a kind voice, respectable presence, and no red flags. You think that their application will surpass all your expectations. However, when verifying their information, the red flags became clear, they were not suitable for your rental.

1. Income: It is easy to write down a number on the line provided “monthly income”. However, many tenants seem to exaggerate their income. By making tenants turn in their last couple of pay stubs, you will be able to determine if they can afford your rental.

2. Rental History: During a tenant screening tenants should be asked to give their rental history for at least the last three years. This will allow you to contact their previous property managers to ensure that they were prompt on rent and never evicted.

3. Credit Check: A credit check will showcase how responsible they are on making payments.

4. Criminal Records: This as a landlord is something that you can take into consideration how you would like. No matter what you choose to accept, it is still reasonable to know who is renting your property.
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