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$320 million under management worldwide

An Effective and Proven Approach

It’s always a risk putting your property in someone else’s hands. Now imagine if those hands managed your investment to help you make money. That’s the property management approach of JYZRE. We constantly add value to your assets by marketing your property to keep it fully occupied with the best tenants and looking sparkling with regular maintenance and inspections. With our proven track of sourcing the best local contractors to screening tenants to handling delicate disputes, JYZRE’s exceptional customer service is critical to making sure you maximize your returns.

JYZRE is proud to offer premium, customized service packages at extremely competitive prices. Our agents bring a deep knowledge of the southern California real estate market and local laws and contracts so you can feel confident you’re in compliance with local regulations. We’ll keep you in the loop with regular updates and reports. We offer weekend appointments and cater to multicultural clients in Mandarin, Korean and Spanish.Please contact us to discuss our package and pricing options.

Product Types


JYZRE helps you thrive in a booming residential rental market by positioning your property to attract high-quality tenants and reduce turnover and serve to protect your property. We stay hands-on throughout the entire rental process and cultivate loyal relationships with both landlords and tenants.


A commercial property performs better with professional management. Whether it is to attract and retain quality commercial tenants by making sure that their needs are met, or enforcing lease terms, JYZRE works to build a plan to reduce your expenses with efficient maintenance maintain the property to the highest standard, enforces lease terms

Multi Family

Professional management of your multi-family property requires multiple skills by professionals that are available and present. From marketing and leasing to creating a cooperative and pleasant environment to resolving disputes and tensions that might arise. Keeping your residents happy and the building fully leased will help ensure its value for years to come.

Our Services

Our Property Management is dedicated to ensuring excellent returns on your investments, beginning with the right maintenance strategy designed to reduce overall expenses in the long run. JYZRE’s excellent service and focus on improving your ROI encompasses everything from professional and comprehensive screening of tenants to handling delicate disputes.

Our agents bring a deep understanding of local laws and contracts, to ensure compliance and the best terms for owners. We also cater to multicultural clients in Mandarin, Korean, Spanish and Cantonese. Contact us today to learn more about our customized packages and pricing options.


First Time Buyer

“Excellent at helping first time home buyers. You really feel comfortable working with such knowledgeable individuals. This team gets to know your needs and wants and doesn’t stop until you are absolutely HAPPY. JYZRE makes everything an absolute breeze.”

Brittany R.
Riverside, CA

Effortless Process

“Amazing staff! They made the process effortless; every thing was so easy. I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone who’s looking in the area!! Check em out”

Katrina R.
Grand Rapids, MI

Fast Service

“I have a rental property at Pasadena, didn’t know how to find a qualified tenant. JYZRE Property Management helped me find a very good tenant within 2 weeks. I always receive my rental income on time, all issues were taken care of within 24 hours, I didn’t need to worry about anything. Highly recommend them to any investors!!”

Richard Paisley
Irvine, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Property Management

Every customer and every property is different. To address our potentially new clients’ needs, we gather information so we can identify the goal of the property owner. If a property is vacant, occupied, needs rehabilitation, or just a thorough cleaning and management services, JYZRE Property Management can help you achieve your goals every step of the way. An agent will map out exactly what you want to accomplish and where exactly you are with your property and list steps to get from your current condition to your preferred condition.

We have a team of state licensed real estate professionals that put their hands into our workload to offer their collective experience and expertise to make sure your home is taken care of as if it were our own. Our top agents carry degrees in business management and our vice president holds a masters in business administration. This collective education and experience are fused together to deliver service excellence that is second to none.

As with most all real estate transactions, individual contracts are executed through negotiation. The negotiation process is based on the scope of work. We can adapt to many different needs for our clients, and the degree of involvement for our services is based on the amount of time required for the scope of the work. Find out what we can do for you by inquiring about our services and we will be happy to tailor a quote of service to match your specific needs today!

Our agents began their careers in property management when they saw the need for the services during their first years of working as full time real estate agents. The need for property management services have gained momentum due to market fluctuations and investors’ interest in holding their assets. With mixed experience from working with large scale property management companies to working hand in hand with companies building their business from the ground up, we are able to deliver service based on meeting any criteria that is expected for our clientele.

We have worked with investors holding one condo and we have worked with investors holding multiple commercial properties and everyone in between. No matter what type of client we work with, all investors have one thing in common: to maximize their income potential. Our specialty is not only managing your properties, but also helping you build your portfolio as an investor through advice, guidance, exclusive and well timed information about market fluctuations or specific opportunities similar to your current holdings.

Between new lease agreements, negotiations, various building improvements including a complete restroom overhaul, security additions and janitorial services, we have completely turned around a multi-million dollar asset for a client of ours for a large commercial building that we are continuing to improve. This progress was planned and executed in under 1 year.

Ask a lot of questions. Be very clear about what you are looking for so that you can source the right information. Do not waste your time talking in circles! Know exactly what you need and seek out the information directly, so that you can find accurate answers that you are looking for.

What are your accomplishments?

What are your late policies?

How will I receive my rents?

What should I expect for my property inspection report?

How long will an eviction take and what will it cost?

What are your procedures when dealing with difficult tenants?

What are your record keeping policies like?

Do you charge a fee when my unit is vacant?


Yes, we do. We have a streamlined process of data transfer to our team of highly experienced lawyers who specialize in evictions. Nearly every eviction case is different from one another. Circumstances that lead to eviction are not always as simple as failure to pay rent. Our fine-toothed comb approach to our management services facilitate the platform for evictions based on Cure or Quit notices, 60 day notice to vacate or other violations of their lease agreements.

Typically, our lease structure is set to allow 5 days for tenants to pay their rent to be considered on time. In the event that a tenant fails to pay by the 5th, a late fee is assessed to the tenant and rent is not considered paid in full or on time until the late fee has been paid. The tenants will be given notices so they are fully aware of the amount owed.

Our property management team has employed a 24 hour phone number that will handle emergencies at all times of the day and night, 7 days a week. We feel it is necessary to prevent water damage or other threats to your investment.

In short: It’s up to you! If you would like to provide any of the utilities to tenants, we will customize the lease agreement to obligate tenants to keep utilities active for the duration of their lease. Any appliances you leave in the home (such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc) can go one of 2 ways. You can either cover them in the lease so that any repairs are covered for the tenants or they can be responsible for any appliance repair that is not tenant-caused due to negligence.

Yes we do. We specialize in putting you in touch with your investment, no matter how many miles stretch between you and your home. Our investors living outside of the country can take advantage of our detailed inspection reports.

We have a deep understanding of what it means to own unoccupied spaces. Our aggressive marketing is geared towards getting your property the most amount of exposure by multiple site integration that synchronizes through several platforms. What this means is that anyone looking for a property like yours will know about your home and what it has to offer. We thoroughly follow up with the calls, texts, emails and office visits we get from prospective tenants. We schedule showings all around the clock and calendar to give access to prospective tenants. Once a prospective tenant has seen the property, we follow up every 2 to 3 days to encourage application submissions.

The criteria that a tenant must have to rent a property through our company is as follows: Must have a credit score of 600 or higher, no money judgements against them, no history of any evictions within the last 10 years, no convictions of manufacturing or distributing illegal substances and must have verifiable income grossing a minimum of 3 times the amount of rent. We find that tenants falling into this criteria are much more likely to pay their rent on time. All tenants age 18 and over must submit an application and go through the background check process.


Read the CC&Rs in detail and make sure you understand the guidelines within and throughout. Submit a copy to a lawyer and an accountant for further examination to identify any irregularities.  Examine the most recent reserve study and find out all long term replacement of major repairs such as air conditioning, heating, plumbing, roofs, overall building structure.

Preservation of your investment is of greatest importance. To maintain your market values, a close analysis of the reserve study is needed to be done to analyze the expenses for swimming pools, decks, common roads, security, signage, fencing, landscaping and much more. Any opportunity to save money on expenses increases the efficiency of the HOA.

A financial review is typically consisted of the auditor investigating the association or management company, verifying the financial records of the association. This is done primarily through accountants reviewing the financial statements to verify expenses. A review is considerably much more affordable than a review. The board of directors make the decisions regarding the level of analysis. State laws governing associations and an association’s governing documentation may require an independent audit.

A management company is selected and contracted by the board of directors to execute services such as the collection and strategic allocation of assessments, gathering multiple bids for each project, verification of liability insurance and supervision of subcontractors and vendors, draft and distribute financial statements and collection reports, strategic problem solving and communications of all information gathered to the board of directors for open communication purposes.

A well ran HOA should be focused on maintaining amenities such as landscaping, CC&Rs color schemes, after hours lighting, pools, play areas and other community offerings. They should also be focused on adding to the community as well as enhancing the existing amenities. The need to focus on the aesthetics of the properties are of great importance. A good HOA will establish pride in the community for all homeowners. Protect your property values by having a top quality HOA because your community deserves it!