It may seem like a horrible dream, but nightmare tenants do exist. Every landlord eventually gets them and dealing with frustration of managing a property on top dealing with these types of people can be quite a pain. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to dealing with nightmare tenants. Apart from having a written policy it’s important to stand your ground when it comes to dealing with these tenants.
SCREEN: Although this may seem obvious many landlords forget to do a proper screening. A good screening includes:
a. Running a background check
b. Running a credit check
c. Calling ALL previous landlords
d. Driving by their current residence- maybe even inviting yourself in
e. Verifying their income.
As a property manager dealing with this nightmare here are some ways to handle the situation
a. Be Objective: Set strict ground rules and stick to the policies you create. It’s important to implement these policies with every tenant. Don’t fall into manipulative traps that nightmare tenants can be known for.
b. Train Them: Show your tenants that you’re in control. Be empathetic, but objective and strict when giving options.
c. Write everything Down: When setting agreements or dealing with problem tenants, it is important to write everything down. By laying the ground rules on paper, the tenant will be more inclined to follow the rules.
d. Make a Connection: Having open communication with your tenants will allow them to feel more comfortable.  Don’t avoid talking to tenants due to their actions, it’s important to respond to them in a professional manner.
e. Take Action: Sometimes nightmare tenants don’t always start out that way. It is important to take action as soon as the incident occurs. By not communicating with the tenant on his/her behavior this allows them to continue with their bad behavior. Be sure to address the problem as soon as it occurs.
f. Legal Action: When issues of non-payment or illegal activities have occurred it’s important to take legal action. Hire a qualified attorney to deal with situation at hand.