Inspire the confidence and loyalty of our investors

Full service real estate asset management in the greater Los Angeles area.


JYZRE Founder Johnney Zhang grew up in a real estate family in China, was educated in England and brought his love of real estate and deep knowledge of global markets to Los Angeles. His diversified perspective and experience in global markets allows JYZRE to cater to multicultural clients with service in Mandarin, Korean and Spanish.

Family Owned

JYZRE is a private company that values its independence and ability to provide creative solutions for clients and profitable opportunities for investors. JYZRE’s clients enjoy direct access to experts who are responsive their needs and accountable for providing results.

Customized Service

JYZRE tailors investment plans around its clients’ unique goals. JYZRE guides them through every step of the process by showing them how to invest and when to sell properties. The experts at JYZRE  also help them understand the daily performance of their property portfolios and when and how to make improvements.

All Your Real Estate Needs in One Place

We concentrate our expertise, resources, and technological edge – all to deliver high-end real estate to you. When we collaborate with our clients, we personalize their investment path to make the process both comfortable and rewarding. The relationships we build are both long term and supportive.

We assist along every stage from investment to asset improvement, management and when appropriate, sale. In the bigger picture, JYZRE impacts the local economy and community positively by cultivating valuable spaces in which people live, work, and play in.


Investment Management

Our brokerage experts will help you buy or sell properties with confidence. Adding value to real estate is an essential part of improving ROI. Our experienced knowledgeable development team can advise you on upgrades and renovations and coordinate those  projects.


Property Management

We tackle the day-to-day challenges of managing a property as an experienced team. JYZRE Property Management helps investors, homeowners, and landlords take charge of their commercial and residential properties.



Our investors are our top priority, whether we are working with you to expand your portfolio or manage your assets, we provide the highest quality service. We know that your goals and circumstances are unique and work to develop individualized custom strategies.